We are a Holistic Group of healers and Therapists, our aim is bring valuable information and techniques to help you to think differently, seeing your life as totality of connections (holistic way) and create a better interaction with all aspects of your life.

We empower humans from the Soul.

With English and Spanish speakers teachers & healers, we design #healing #meditations combining different techniques;

– Energy Healing
– Chakra Dance
– Theta Healing
– Life and Spiritual Coaching
– Shamanic Spiritual Rituals
– Sound Healing
– Hypnosis

And more…

Every meditation is different and dynamic.

For every session our Psychic will channel the energy of all the attendees to design the experience with the higher benefit for them. Amazing right?


Shamanic comes from SHAMAN, The tungusa word šamán contains the root “sa -“, which means “to know.” “Shaman” would be like “the one who knows” In anthropology, the shaman is defined as a channel between the physical and spiritual realms.
The word YOGA comes from Sanskrit and means “union” “joining”, ‘coming together’ and ‘connection’.

Your Physical body is a wonderful instrument to explore and potentiate.

Shamanic Yoga is a movement meditation that integrates native spiritual knowledge with Yoga and Chakra Dance with the purpose of connecting your physical body and etheric bodies in high consciousness, leading you to discover yourself.

The movements are Organic and Powerful.

Each session is a different Journey designed to explore the spiritual paths of the different cultures in the planet to you into a deep connection with the elemental energies of Nature and Universe.

In the previous Journeys:

– “the American Shaman Journey”, 

– “The Egyptian Goddess Journey”

– “The Universal Light Codes”

Feel welcome to join our monthly free session.

If you want to deepen the practice, join our program of 1 weekly classes every Wednesday and 2 ceremonies per month.

Please bring your Yoga Mat.

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We offer different therapies that will help you to understand your life better.

Please have a look of the therapies in the menu and feel free to contact us, for a phone diagnostic consultation (Free of Charge).