I’ve created this therapy using different methods such as voice and body movement, hypnosis, meditation, Kinesiology, NLP, Reiki, Cristal healing, vibration healing, pendulums and many more. With this technique we will observe your life as a spirit existing in all the dimensions in order to see the primary source of the situation that you are now experiencing.

The therapy consists of four important phases:

PROFILE – In this part, we will talk about your life and goals. I will ask you a series of questions that will lead me to find mental patterns and karmic blocks.

DIAGNOSTIC – We will review your energetic body to measure the electromagnetic vibration of your body and find the blockages that can affect you not only mentally, but also physically.

TRANSMUTATION/ENERGY HEALING – Through the energy Channeling technique and using different pendulums and tools, We ( your superior spirit and me) re-establish the natural balance of the of your energy field which therefore helps to purify and balance the mental and emotional spheres. Here we increase the vibration of your body and activate your light.

WORK PLAN – According to what we find in the diagnosis phase, I will create a work program that may include NLP exercises, diet changes, specific lifestyle changes, readings, meditations among others that will allow you to reach your goals and empower yourself to create your best version of your Life.


1. Do not eat red meat 2 days before consultation.

2. Do not drink alcohol 2 days before and after the therapy.

3. Make a list of all your questions for the pendulum, be specific.

4. Bring your own crystal to be cleaned and programmed.

5. Buy sea salt to have a shower (at home) after the therapy session before going to bed. If you can bring the salt with you I will programme it accordingly.

(90 Minutes Session) £150

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Angel cards are composed of inspirational phrases and powelful words that provide a comprehensive meaning messages from the Angels. This is not a future reading tarot, the aim of this connection is receive meaningful messages from your angles and be heal at the same time.An angel card reading is good for the times when you are looking for guidance with your life path. The gentle and calming messages of the angel help to sooth tired and frazzled emotions.

The therapy consists of 3 important phases:

1-Angels Energy bath mediation, using angel light Ray we prepare your own light channel to contact with angels energy.

2-Angels psychic reading using cards; here i will intemperate the messages and give you answers.

3-Compromises with your Spirit, here you will identified the changes you should apply in your life and compromise with yourself.

(45 Minutes Session) £70


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Do you have specific questions?

A Pendulum can give you a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to any question you might have, by reading the energetic vibrations of the situation.

In this session I will open a circle for you where using a seeker pendulum I analyze your questions to reach deep level of knowledge. The answers we find are directed by your higher Self-being.

This is not a fortune telling, the pendulum does not guess or predict the future.

The pendulum can read the higher vibrations your spirit is emitting in regards to the questions, and as your higher self knows everything, the vibration will show us the convenient (in a spiritual process way) answer.

It is a great help for uncertainties like:

-Should I change my job?
-This business suits me?
-Should I continue in this relationship?

Cost £70 (45 Minutes Session)

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I design group meditation experiences with different focuses, each experience is unique and never boring.

The meditation can be very dynamic, I use movement, visualization, vibration, breathing, astral chart, shamanistic rituals and sound to create a connection experience and unique healing.


  1. CHAKRA BALANCE ENERGY £350 Full Day + Crystal and Pendulum kit.
  2. HEBREW PENDULUM £250 4 Hours Course + Hebrew Pendulum kit
  3. CRYSTAL PENDULUM READING £250 4 Hours Course + Pendulum kit
  4. BASIC TANTRA FOR COUPLES £150 per Hour.

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Human being possess a circulatory system of energy that although we can not see it, leads the vibratory pulsations that regulate the functioning of the organs and their connections with the inter-dimensional spheres, layers of the aura. This vibrations have an important function in the projection of energy for the creation of reality because by resonance we attract people and experiences.

When this system has locks, we not only face the disease but blockages in the experimentation of our lives. Energy therapies seek to harmonize the energy pulses of your body and return the connection with our superior being.

Energy healing works through the light channel and the centers of energy (chakras), helping to purify the mental and emotional spheres which will result with the patient feeling better in all aspects of life, enlightened and calm, with vitality and the ability to think in a positive way.


A Channel is a person with the ability to synchronize with different vibratory frequencies decoding the information to bring it to understanding. All human beings are channels. From an inter-dimensional level we could see ourselves as tubes of light, people less connected to their Higher Self and source are not aware of this information (vibration), this does not mean that they are not connected.

The channelers by Mission are more open to connect with superiors levels of conscience. They are not mediums ( the mission of the mediums is to help residual energies from astral to return light), the channelers receive high information from superior dimensions, their mission is share this information helping people to connect with their own light and expand their consciousness. Through the channeling we can find deep information about the patient even from past lives.